About Us


keauty aims to deliver a fun, interactive beauty experience to your home using unique, yet simple product formulas. At keauty, we believe that fresh, pure ingredients deliver greater benefits, so we look to the earth for inspiration. By being your own beauty lab, you are in control of your own clean beauty regimen, with real results. 



The name "keauty" means "to create beauty."  While our first product launch enables you to craft your own beauty product, the inspiration comes from our hope that individuals will craft beauty on a deeper level; through sharing kindness, compassion, healthy habits and mindfulness. We strive to make people more conscious about what they create in the world. 


  • YOU!!! XOXO
  • Natural Beauty
  • Kindness + Love
  • Wellness
  • The Earth
  • Clean Food + Beauty 
  • Experiences with Friends + Family 



Our founder, Kellie Yavalar, is a New Yorker who started her career in the beauty industry as a Cosmetologist over 18 years ago. After she completed her business degree, she spent the following decade at a beauty packaging and product development company, servicing a variety of prestige beauty brands around the world.

With drawers filled to the brim of skincare products, Kellie was shocked when she discovered that a natural mud bath in Turkey left her skin feeling better than anything she ever tested. The experience of being close to nature and applying a warm, soothing product directly to the skin, made her realize how most beauty products are over-engineered and unenjoyable. Kellie realized there was a need on the market for a fresh product that was powered by nature; she wanted people to experience beauty in a different way and was committed to recreating this experience in people's homes.