How to Use a Keauty Facemask for Ultimate Beauty

Keauty is on your radar as one of the top choices in beauty facemasks for their clean ingredients and mission to be eco-friendly. Rightfully so! What a great choice!

Then you see that they use coffee and tea as the main ingredient, so you may be wondering how they work!

Not to worry, this post will break down exactly how to use your Keauty facemask for ultimate results in both beauty and relaxation.

We’ll cover how to prep the mask, how long to use the mask, and how often you should use it.

It’s simple, user-friendly, and will leave your skin with the most glorious glow!

So, let’s get to it.

Keauty Product Set DIY face mask kit

How to Prep a Keauty Facemask

Here, we will chat about how to make a beauty facemask using your Keauty product. This DIY facemask is sure to become your go-to for relaxing nights at home.

First, gather up your materials! You will need a single-serve brewing machine* and your favorite mug for coffee or tea!

Got it? Great! Let’s continue.

Place your coffee or tea pod into your single-serve brewing machine. Place your mug under the brewer, as usual. Brew it using the smallest serving size into that favorite mug you just pulled out of the cabinet. 

Coffee brewing into mug

While your coffee or tea is brewing, pour your clay mix into the provided ceramic Keauty cup.

Next, after your brew finishes, add three scoops of that freshly brewed coffee or tea into your Keauty cup with clay mix.


Mixing Clay and Coffee for DIY face mask

WARNING: the brew is HOT! Be careful during this step!

Then, mix your brewed coffee or tea with the clay mixture using your provided Keauty brush. Do this until the mixture is smooth.

If you've added your three scoops and the consistency happens to be dry or gritty, continue adding one more scoop of coffee or tea until you have a nice, smooth mixture ready to go.


mixing clay face mask

Using Your Keauty Facemask

Now comes the fun part!

You may be wondering…

How long should you apply your facemask for beauty? Put that nice, warm clay mask evenly all over your face and let it dry for approximately ten minutes. That’s it!

Smile, take a selfie, and tag us on social media as you enjoy this time you’ve carved out for yourself.

You can also sip the remaining brew from your drinking mug for some extra enjoyment during your “you time!”

Finally, rinse your mask off with warm water and admire your beautiful, bright skin. Coffee and tea, the main ingredients in these masks, are made with and powered by fresh antioxidants, so you will see an instant transformation!

Applying Clay Face Mask on skin in mirror

How Often to Apply a Keauty Facemask


How often to use a facemask is a matter of personal preference. However, if you are looking for results of beautified skin, we recommend using the product once or twice a week.

Put in on your calendar and make sure you get a night to yourself, practicing some self-care!


Young woman applying face mask

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