7 Ultimate Tips for an At-Home Self Care Night

We are all still looking for ways to feel connected here in 2021 while staying at home for just a bit longer. 

How many times can you send another "I miss you" text? 

Instead, why not hop on a Zoom call and have a catch-up chat, game night, or at-home spa night together! 

This accomplishes two things: connection and self-care! We are all so in need of both right now.

While this form of self-care is so much fun, it's important to keep in mind that self-care is 100% necessary too. 

It has been proven to increase happiness, overall health, and even resiliency! 

So, prep some talking points, download a virtual gaming app, or prep a Keauty facemask, and call your best girlfriend, mom, or sister, and get ready for a glorious night in.

What is Self-Care?

If you aren't sure what self-care is, you may be less likely to practice it. So, let's break it down.

Self-care is something you take part in to promote emotional, physical, and mental health. It allows you to destress and tackle life's challenges head-on since you are in the right headspace when you maintain self-care routines.

There is nothing selfish about self-care! And while it can be seen as a luxury, it needs to be normalized as a priority. 

What can you do to make sure you are getting some self-care in your busy schedule? Read on to see some ideas for self-care you can put in place right away!

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Ideas for a Self-Care Night at Home 

1. Connect with Others

This may seem counter-intuitive when we talk about "self-care," but especially for those of us who are extroverted, we need others surrounding us to find our energy. 

Connecting with others (virtually for the time being) can really help with this. 

Plan a game night, order take-out from the same restaurant, have a spa night in, or just a short chat to catch up over zoom or Google hangouts. You will feel invigorated after!

Young woman on laptop socializing with friends


2. Order Your Favorite Take-Out

Treat yourself to a wonderful meal that you do not have to work for! 

You don't have to prep, cook, or do the dishes when you engage in this great form of self-care. It's a beautiful way to start a night in that will put you in the mood to relax and spend a calm evening at home.

The best part? If you live locally to the person you are connecting with as part of your self-care, you can order from the same place and share the meal together!

Young woman taking selfie on couch with food


3. Spend Time in Nature

You already know the importance of treasuring the Earth's gifts for us. 

If you can, as part of your self-care evening at home, spend time outside. Grab a glass of wine or a cup of herbal tea and take a nature walk. 

Or, if you are lucky enough to have a beautiful outdoor space, take a seat there and inhale, exhale. 

Feeling less stressed already? We thought so.

young woman with arms in air outside in nature


4. Take a Long Shower or Soak in the Tub 

If you plan a Zoom call because you need some connection, this one might have to wait for later on in the evening or another self-care night. Nothing wrong with putting two of them on your calendar!

But, similarly to spending time in nature, spending time in the water can do wonders for us. After your nature walk, hop in, pour in some bubble bath, and let your stress melt away.

This is a great place to separate yourself from all the noise that happens in our daily lives—no email pinging, no texts buzzing—a moment alone to gather your thoughts can be so healing.

Hands in bubble bath holding bubbles


5. Burn a Candle or Diffuse Essential Oils

While in the bath, adding aromatherapy can add so much to your self-care practice. 

The best scents for relaxation include lavender, rose, and chamomile. Use these clean, pure candles (to stick with our all-natural theme, of course!) or some essential oils to drop into your water and feel the soothing properties go to work. 

You'll have the best night's sleep after! Added bonus, getting enough sleep should be a huge part of your self-care routine.


Young woman in robe smelling essential oils


6. Apply a Facemask

While you soak in the tub, or directly after, is an excellent time for a facemask. Your pores are primed and ready. You are relaxed from all your wonderful aromatherapy scents.

Make sure to choose a mask that does not have harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances or color, or anything else you wouldn't want to be putting in your body. Our skin is our biggest organ, and yes, we do "soak things up" through it!

If you are having an at-home spa night as your chosen form of self-care, using a vegan Keauty facemask will allow you to achieve an added sense of peace. 

Keauty facemasks provide you with exactly what you are looking for. They are made of all the "good stuff" you want both on and in your body. 

These facemasks go on while they are warm, activating all of the senses, making it a delightful experience. They use only the cleanest ingredients, including exfoliating coffee grounds, and will leave your skin feeling nourished afterward. 

The small coffee grounds are the perfect exfoliant because they are kind to the Earth as they wash down your drain. The cup and brush you will use to mix the facemasks are also 100% reusable. So, you can feel good about treating the Earth well while feeling both relaxed and grounded.


young woman applying coffee face mask


7. Get "Grounded"

Speaking of feeling grounded, being more connected to the Earth is a great way to practice self-care. 

Of course, using all-natural beauty products, like your Keauty facemask, is a great way to achieve this, as their main ingredient is clay that comes directly from the Earth. 

Also, practicing yoga or meditation is a lovely way to feel this deep connection too. The breath and movement in yoga and the self-reflection in meditation allow for a deep link between oneself and the Earth.


Yoga mat unrolled with hands and feet on floor

Final Thoughts

You deserve to carve out time for yourself! 

Whether that's through connecting with your favorite person, having your favorite foods delivered to your door, getting outside, or having an at-home spa night, you can't go wrong. It is sure to rejuvenate you, allowing you to be more ready to take on the stresses life is sure to throw your way.

When you've used the tools available to you, you can live a more balanced, harmonious lifestyle.

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